Reprinting Notes

Welcome to another Tips and Tricks! Did you know you can add a note to a customer invoice and tell it print on the invoices when you reprintthe invoice?Go to Accounts Receivable>Customers>change>click on the history tab>double click the invoice>clickthe notes>click addEnter the information you want to add to the invoice then click the drop down … More Reprinting Notes

Quarter End Balancing

This tip and trick is to help you when balancing your quarter end reports. The steps are as follows: Run an Earnings detail report for the check dates of the quarter: Ex. First quarter run 1/1/YY through 3/31/YY, second quarter run 4/1/YY through 6/30/YY, third quarter 7/1/YY through 9/30/YY, fourth quarter run 10/1/YY through 12/31/YY. … More Quarter End Balancing

Entering A Cash Receipt To Job Cost, Instead Of Job Income

Go into Accounts Receivable, Receipts. Click add on the right to add a new receipt. Click the Mics. Receipt option. Enter all the information as you go down the screen. For the Credit type, select job/cost code. This allows you to post a credit/ reduction against your cost on the job.  This is especially helpful … More Entering A Cash Receipt To Job Cost, Instead Of Job Income