Setting Up Direct Deposit

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To setup direct deposit:

Step 1:

Go to Payroll, Employee file, click change on the employee, click the Rate tab, click the Direct deposit information.  Check the use direct deposit box, pre-note should come up checked-the prenote allows you to run a payroll where the employees still receive a paper check and the systems creates a file with zero-dollar amounts. Sending this to your bank allows them to verify the account numbers and routing numbers before going live.  Insert/add the employee’s bank information.  Click the Direct Deposit Full Amount at the bottom of the screen and select the account.  If you are splitting the check between multiple accounts, do not check the box but still select the account which will be the main account for deposit.  Repeat this for each employee.

Step 2:

Company side:  Got to setup, accounting options, payroll, postings and paychecks.  Click on direct deposit.  Highlight your payroll account and click change attributes.  You will fill in these fields based on your bank’s specifications.  You can roll your mouse over the example at the bottom of the screen and it will show you which field it uses to create the ACH file header.  Be sure to ask your bank if you need to check the Print using all caps and include line for offset amount.

When you run your first payroll, the system will create a zero dollar ACH text file which you
will upload to your bank. This way they can verify the account numbers and routing numbers.
The system will automatically uncheck the pre-note in each employee’s file. If you should have
to run a second test, you will need to go back in and check this box in each employee’s file.
Direct Deposit, to locate the ach file to upload to the bank:
After processing payroll and payroll checks, go to utilities, view postings and backups. Locate
the Payroll Check Posting Completed line for the most recent payroll, it should be the line
towards the top of the list. It will have a green check mark next to the line.
Highlight the posting, click the view ACH file button at the bottom of the screen. A notebook
file will pop up containing the direct deposit information – you will see several lines with 999s.
Click the export button in the lower right.
The system will ask you to indicate where you want to save the file. I usually save the file to
my desktop. It will save it as a file name of ACH and as a text file, this is correct. Click save.

ACH notepad will pop up after you click save. You may now close this file. Close the
Viewing ACH screen in Jobview as well. Close the Postings and backups screen. You may
now go to your desktop and upload the file using your bank software/information.
Before saving the file the next week, be sure to delete the file from your desktop. However, do
not delete the file until you know it is approved by the bank.

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