Adding Accounts to Financial Statement

To add a new General Ledger account, go to General Ledger, Enter Accounts. Click Add. Enter the number for the account and the account name/description. Choose whether it is a debit or credit balance account. Choose the category and or account type if applicable. If this is a cash account, check the checking account box at the bottom under miscellaneous. If you are unsure about the category or account type, feel free to call us or your CPA.

Once you have the account setup tab filled in, click on the Financial Statement tab. There are two tabs on this screen, balance sheet and income statement. Choose the appropriate tab, if you are unsure please call us or your CPA. Click on the account number at the top of the screen. You will see a hand on the account, hold your mouse on it and drag it down to the correct spot on the financial, release it. It will place the account below the line you release it on. It will also add it to the total account. 

This is a quick and easy way to add accounts to your financials! If you have multiple financial statements setup, there will be a drop down box for you to choose which statement you are adding this account to. Don’t forget to add it to all active financial statement formats.

To add accounts to the financial statement manually:

Go to General Ledger, Design financials.  If your screen comes up with a Standard Report or Standard Financial Statement, click on the change button.

Go down to the area where the account should be added.  If it is a Notes Payable or Loan, go to the Liabilities.  If it is an expense account go to the Expenses.

Highlight the account you want your new account to sit below.  The system will add the account below the one you are on.  Click on the insert key.  Click on single account on the left.  The account you added should be at the bottom left.  Move this account from the left to the right by either double clicking or using the arrow in the middle.  Verify the debit/credit flag in the upper right.  Then click ok.

Once you have added a single account, you must also add it to the total account.  Go directly down until you see the total below where you added the account.  Click on change.  Once again, move the account from left to right.

If you are adding an account to a master which is already on the list, you do not need to add it to a total account.  The master will be already be in the total.