Tips/ Tricks

Opening Multiple Windows At The Same Time

tip 1We now have the ability to open windows from multiple modules within Jobview.  To set this as your preference, go to Setup and Preferences.  Click on the Application Menu Style tab.  Click the check box in the upper right of the screen: “Allow multiple windows to be opened at a time”

This gives you the ability to have screens open in more than one module at a time.  Example: You could be working on payroll timesheets and click on Accounts Payable to open vendors and view information on your vendors.

Opening Multiple Companies On The Same Computer

tip 2.JPG

You can now open more than one company on the same computer without having to have a second copy of Jobview loaded.  Each instance of Jobview that you open counts as a separate user license.  All you have to do to take advantage of this feature is to open your company like usual, minimize it, then click on the Jobview Icon and open a second company.  This saves you from having to log in and out each time you need to view something in a different company.