Featured Module of the Quarter: Import/ Export

This module allows you to import transactions into JobView and place those transactions in a batch for you to review before posting. This is especially helpful if you have a payroll service and want to import the timecards into JobView to record the transactions against the jobs. You can either import the transactions as a timesheet and convert to a hand check or you can import as a General Ledger transaction depending on how your payroll service provides you the information. Some timeclock softwares will create a direct link to allow you to import timesheets directly, others will allow you to export your information into Excel and then import it into JobView. Either way, this is a definite time saving module for use with timesheets and with payroll services!

import export 1

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules also have the options for invoice import. This is helpful when dealing with AP Credit Card entries. If you have AR billings created outside of JobView, you can import these invoices as well.

The export feature has numerous benefits. You can export any report into Excel and add calculated fields or mesh two reports together. You could move columns around and enlarge the font. This is a great tool for creating comparison reports.

import export 2

The export can also be used by your CPA to export transactions they want you to make if they are using the JobView CPA version for your adjustments and review.

import export 3

If you would like more information or a 30 day free trial of this module, please call our offices at (405) 354-0395 or send an email to wallundp@gmail.com